Are your Fit Mother Supplemens kosher and/or Organic?

On Kosher:

None of our supplements are certified Kosher.  The Kosher Certification is a very rigorous certification that we will look at in the future.

Our SuperFuel 100% Plant Based (aka SuperFuel Vegan) is kosher by definition of it's ingredients, but it does not carry a formal certification. The Whey-based SuperFuel is not certified kosher, as it is heated above the 120 F threshold at a certain point in creation, which breaks kosher law.

If you follow strict kosher observance, we do not recommend you use our supplements at this time until we get the proper Kosher certifications on our specific products that qualify.

On Organic:

SuperFuel's 40+ superfoods are all 100% certified organic. The entire supplement line itself is not yet certified as organic (which requires a lengthy application process); we will receive that full certification in the future. 

- The Fit Mother Project 
Customer Success Team