How can I fix tight hamstrings?


I am noticing my hamstrings are so tight recently. How do I fix tight hamstrings?

Short Answer:

Between foam rolling and isometric/dynamic stretches, your hamstrings can loosen up quite a bit...which will prevent injury and provide more effective workouts.

Longer Answer:

Since we are a culture that is becoming more sedentary with increased amounts of sitting each day, it is natural for our hamstring muscles to shorten and tighten. Unfortunately, tight hamstrings are a recipe for injury so by keeping them loose, we can avoid injury while also allowing for a better range of motion, leading to more effective exercise and calorie burn.

Proactive Help

The easiest way to avoid tight hamstrings is by not letting them shorten/tighten in the first place! You can do this by adhering to the following tips:

  • If you have a desk job, make sure to get up and move and move at least once an hour, even for just a few minutes. 
  • Use the restroom on another level, use the stairs, park as far away as possible, use micro workouts at work...just get moving more!
  • Go for daily walks.
  • Use the foam roller as a warm-up or for self-massage.

Reactive Help

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