Are our FMP Supplements Gluten-Free?


Are all your supplements gluten-free?

Short Answer:

While most of our supplements themselves do not contain gluten but we cannot promise that trace amounts are not found from the facility they are manufactured in. Super Fuel is broken down even further here.

Longer Answer:

From our BalanceRX and BurnRX Manufacturer:

The factory we produce our supplements in is NOT gluten-free. Although our supplements themselves do not contain gluten... there are some other supplements & products our manufacturer produces that DO contain gluten. The machines are thoroughly cleaned between supplement runs, but still this does not guarantee a safe environment for someone with a severe gluten allergy.

Here's a note directly from our Manufacturing team:

When you clean the manufacturing machines they are never 100% clean maybe 99.9%, but never 100%... so we can not guarantee 100% no gluten from any previous runs. 

So, in our opinion, it's not worth the potential serious risk to your health based on that chance that there was a cross-contamination from a previous supplement run on the manufacturing machines.

From all our other supplements Manufacturer:

Our (new supplements) facilities are free of all the major food allergens (milk, eggs, fish [e.g., bass, flounder, cod], Crustacean shellfish[e.g., crab, lobster, shrimp], tree nuts [almonds, walnuts, pecans], peanuts, wheat [gluten], and soybean) as identified in the Food Allergen Labeling andConsumer Protection Act of 2004. While our facility is not a certified peanut/tree nut free facility , we do not process Wheat, Peanut or TreeNut-based products (pills, powder or liquid) in our plant. We are a GMP facility that safeguards against any cross-contamination with wheat, peanuts or treenuts, and quarantine all Raw Materials for two weeks while we check them for potency, allergens, heavy metals, pesticides, contaminants and microbials. OurFinished product is then re-checked to make certain that no cross-contamination occurred during production, and that our Allergen statements remain certifiably correct.

Yours in Health & Friendship,

- The Fit Mother Project

Customer Success Team