What are some of the best water flavorings (drops) to help me drink more water? What else can I drink?


"Hey FMP Team, I am trying to drink more water... but I really prefer to have some more flavor with my water. Are there any healthy flavoring drops you recommend... or other non-water options I can drink?"


Yes! We hear you! Unfortunately many of the products on the market these days contain harmful artificial sweeteners that can sabotage your success. Luckily, we have a couple of flavoring drops we really like (these products have zero artificial sweeteners... and still taste very good).

Here are the links to some great water flavor drops for you to try:

Some natural flavoring drops are OK but it may be masking an underlying issue. The goal is to eventually defeat the desire for sweets and although these drops are "cleaner", they aren't helping you fight those cravings. So our advice would be to use sparingly vs. regular water.

Another great option (in addition to water flavor drops) is to drink more tea.

We love teas from the following high quality brands:

For some additional ways to supercharge your water, check out this video for 5 separate ways to enhance your intake!

Sparkling water has become a popular option recently, as long as you choose the variety that comes without those harmful artificial sweeteners. So we are looking at simply carbonated water and natural flavors as the ingredients. The only potential issue is that the FDA doesn't require companies to specify what "natural flavors" really are so it's best to use sparingly...just in case.

Lastly, consider drinking Kombucha, a fermented tea product that can help provide good bacteria for a healthy gut. Just be wary of the ingredients and read the nutrition label as many come with a ton of added sugar to enhance the taste. 

Cheers to more hydration!

- The Fit Mother Project Customer Success Team