Apex 10 Shoulder-Friendly Substitute

From the desk of: Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
How to modify the APEX10 (formally known as R8X) for members with shoulder issues

If you have any nagging shoulder issues from past/current injuries, surgeries, etc., and the standard R8X (now called "APEX10") workout is causing you  any discomfort, then this modified R8X is exactly what you should follow instead.

Watch the modified "shoulder friendly" R8X/APEX10 workout I prepared for you below:

APEX10/R8X Shoulder Replacement from Anthony Balduzzi on Vimeo.

 "Working around" injuries is important to not aggravate issues further, while still making fitness progress. That said, if possible, we want to get to the root-cause of injuries with a true FIX SOLUTION that will enable you to have healthy, functioning shoulders that can handle the functional exercises we include in FM30X.

I'd highly recommend you see a skilled physical therapist in your local area to start strengthening and healing your shoulder. You may need a therapy prescription from your family doctor in your local area for insurance to cover the PT sessions.

If this modified "shoulder friendly" Apex10 workout still aggravates your injuries, then you have 2 options:

  1. You can completely drop any exercise that aggravates your shoulder from the flow (try this first).
  2. If dropping that exercise does not work, you can simply do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 4x/week as your workout. I outline how to do HIIT inside the FM30X workout overview PDF.

I hope this was helpful!

-Dr. Anthony Balduzzi