Which Fit Mother Supplements should be avoided if I have Kidney Disease? Which are safe to take?

The contents of this FAQ are for informational purposes only and is NOT a substitute for medical advice. If you have any active medical condition, consult with your doctor about managing that condition. The following is not medical advice.

When one's kidneys are not functioning optimally, there are many supplements that should be AVOIDED. 

Essentially, when the kidneys are not filtering the blood at optimal capacity... there can lead to a buildup of certain supplements & medications in the blood that would normally be filtered under the filtration rate of regular, healthy kidneys. Our Fit Mother Supplements are no exception to this rule.

The following FMP supplements have ingredients that may cause problems for people with impaired kidney function. Here are supplements that are to be AVOIDED:

  • Burn RX
  • Balance RX
  • Immune RX
  • Joint RX
These FMP supplements listed above in the "avoid" list above have ingredients that may cause problems for people with impaired kidney function and are therefore best to avoid.
The good news is that there are some supplements are generally accepted as OK & SAFE for many people with MILD kidney disease (still check with your doctor):
1) Protein powders are generally recognized as SAFE (and potentially beneficial) for people with mild kidney disease.
Protein intake should NOT be too high (or too low) for kidney disease. Here is some research on that matter.
If approved by your doctor, our Fit Mother SuperFuel Protein may be a good addition to your diet. The proper amino acids in FMP SuperFuel can help improve kidney function and the key nutrients for health.  Read more here
One consideration with Kidney disease is monitoring the amount of Phosphorous in the diet. The kidneys normally filter & excrete the phosphorous that's contained in protein-rich foods. The phosphorous amount in Fit Mother SuperFuel is only 6% of recommended daily amount, which (pending your doctor's approval) may make it safe for your use.
The vitamins, minerals, and probiotics in SuperFuel are generally recognized as beneficial for kidney health. Here is a position statement from Kidney.org on this matter.
2) Our "Heart RX" is the other FMP Supplement that may actually help improve kidney function - pending your doctor's approval.
Heart RX actually has a lot of very beneficial compounds that are backed by research to improve kidney health:
Important: In moderate to severe Kidney Disease, ALL supplements need to be managed & cleared by one's doctor and/or nephrologist.
We hope this document helps provide some clarity!

- The Fit Mother Project
Customer Success Team