Why are we experiencing so many shipping delays? A personal response from Dr. A...

"Hey FMP Team... I ordered supplements from you a long time ago... and I still have not received them. What's the deal? I am a bit concerned & frustrated. Can you give me some insight on what's going on?"

We hear you loud and clear! We are frustrated too and are working on fixing all this ASAP. Please watch this video from Dr. A for an explanation on what is going on right now, and how we are committed to making this right for you... no matter what. Watch the video below.

Above all, my team and I truly appreciate YOU being a part of the Fit Mother Project and our family. We are working on improving everything in our processes around logistics, supply chains, and supplement sourcing to ensure this issue DOES NOT happen again. We apologize for these growing pains of our small business... and all the supply chain disruptions caused by COVID.

Thanks for being on this ride with us. As we work to fix this, please let us know how we can make this right for you. Your happiness & success is (and will always be) our #1 priority.

-Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Founder, The FMP & FFP