Do I need to take a break from BURN RX? Will it become less effective?

"Hey FMP Team, do I need to cycle Burn RX or take a break from it? Will it become less effective for me over time?"

Short Answer:
Burn RX does NOT need to be cycled. It can be taken long term and will continue to be very effective for burning fat.

Longer Answer:
Burn RX was designed in such a way that it can be taken safely & effectively long-term.

That said, as you take Burn RX for longer periods of time, you may notice a decrease in the immediate "energy boost" you get shortly after taking it. This is very much like how people become acclimated to caffeine/coffee and can handle more over time.

This acclimatization to Burn RX does NOT make it less effective from a fat burning perspective. It just makes the immediate energy boost less prominent. If you want to re-sensitize your body to the immediate energy-boosting effects of Burn RX, you can either take a 2-week break or increase your serving size by 1 capsule.

-The Fit Mother Project
Customer Success Team