What are your thoughts on Dave's Killer Bread vs Ezekiel Bread?

Question: Dr. A, I noticed you're a fan of Ezekiel bread. What are your thoughts on Dave's Killer Bread? Is it just as good, because I just don't really like the taste of Ezekiel as much.

Answer: From Dr. Anthony Balduzzi

I certainly understand if you're not a fan of Ezekiel bread. I'm Italian, and my family comes from a line of bakers. I've (certainly) had much better tasting breads than Ezekiel, but you really can't beat it from a health perspective if you're going to eat bread at all.
Were I to give Ezekiel bread an "A-" grade... as I don't feel any bread truly deserves a grade higher than that.. I'd give Dave's a "B/B-". It's still way better than many highly-processed breads (and it's organic); that said, it's still not fully sprouted which does help with the lectins/gluten content of the bread that can be problematic for many people.
If you're able to eat Dave's, feel fine, and are continuing to lose weight/see results, then I say go for it. 
If you have Dave's and feel any bit bloated/lethargic or don't seem to be losing weight as easily, then cut it. 

And if you are a friend across the pond, check out thisEzekiel Equivalent in the UK.

-The FMP Team