I have a shellfish allergy. Are your supplement ingredients shellfish free or produced in shellfish-free factories?

"Hey FMP Team, I have a serious shellfish allergy. Are your supplement ingredients shellfish produced in a shellfish-free factory?"

The factory we produce our supplements in  is NOT shellfish free. Although our FMP supplements themselves do NOT contain ingredients derived from shellfish... there are some other supplements our manufacturer produces that DO contain ingredients derived from shellfish. The supplement manufacturing machines are thoroughly cleaned between productions runs, but still this does not necessarily guarantee a safe environment for someone with a serious shellfish allergy.

Here's a note directly from our Manufacturing team:

When you clean the manufacturing machines they are never 100% clean maybe 99.9%, but never 100%... so we can not guarantee 100% no shellfish residue from any pervious runs. 
Summary: although our products themselves do not contain shellfish derived ingredients ... we CANNOT guarantee that these products are safe if you have a serious shellfish allergy as there could be some previous supplements run through the manufacturing machine may have shellfish derived ingredients. Cleaning is very thorough but never 100%.
-The Fit Mother Project  
Customer Success Team