Are your Fit Mother Supplements safe if I have gout? Which can I take and which should I avoid?

"Hey FMP Team, I have gout that I am working on improving & managing. I also want to take your Fit Mother Supplements to improve my health. Which of your supplements are safe for me with gout? Are there any supplements I should avoid?

The good news is that the "Fit Mother Lifestyle" based on a healthy diet, regular exercise, and proper supplementation can improve gout. And, thankfully, most supplements are safe with gout... it's really more of a food selection strategy for properly managing gout.

Remember: if you're taking Allopurinol (uric acid lowering medication) for an active gout flare, it's very important to:

  • 1) Drink lots of good fluids
  • 2) Eat an adequate amount of protein (avoid low protein diet during a gout flare)... but DO avoid meat/fish that is high in purines (shellfish, herring, cod, scallops, trout, turkey, organ meats, bacon, veal)... as well as alcohol and sugar sources (including fruit juices) as all these foods are high in purines and will make the gout flare.

All of the Fit Mother Supplements are safe for gout and many, in fact, will be beneficial for the condition: 
*See special notes on Burn RX + Immune RX below **

  • Fit Mother SuperFuel (available 2021) is safe for women with gout and may be beneficial.
  • Joint RX is safe for women with gout (and may even be beneficial for the condition as it will help reduce inflammation and rebuild joints).
  • Balance RX is safe for women with gout.
  • Heart RX is safe for women with gout (and may even be beneficial for reducing gout flares due to the special Berberine it contains which naturally lowers uric acid levels (see study). If you are considering taking Heart RX and you are taking medications for blood pressure / cholesterol, please do see this FAQ document.
  • Immune RX is safe for women with gout. This supplement is intended to be used for several weeks during cold/flu/virus seasons when you want a stronger immune system. It is not a long term continuous supplement like the other supplements above.
  • Burn RX is likely safe for gout. This supplement does contain some natural caffeine, which can potentially increase the risk of gout attacks in some people. If you are somebody who has gout and regularly drinks coffee, then the amount of caffeine in Burn RX is less than that and should not cause problems... but this is still worth noting,

Great questions. We hope this helps and we look forward to hearing how you like your FMP Supplements. 

Yours in Health,

- The Fit Mother Project 
Customer Success Team