Which of your FMP Supplements are Vegan... and which are not?

Hey FMP Team, I follow a vegan diet & lifestyle. I want to try your supplements, and I need to know... which of your Fit Mother Supplements are vegan?"

First off, we love that you follow a vegan lifestyle. As of right now, most of our supplements are vegan; a few do contain  animal derived ingredients.

Our Vegan Supplements:

  • Burn RX metabolism booster is vegan.
  • Balance RX hormone balancer is vegan.
  • Fit Mother SuperFuel (vegan version that's coming soon) is vegan.
  • Immune RX is vegan (if you are fine consuming mushrooms, which most vegans are... although some are not).

Our Non-Vegan Supplements:

  • Heart RX is NOT vegan as the Omega-3s it contains have salmon origins.
  • Joint RX is NOT vegan as the UC-II collagen has animal origins. Any product that has collagen is NOT vegan as collagen is an animal-derived protein.

We will work toward developing vegan versions of ALL of our supplements in the future!

Yours in health & conscious living,

- The Fit Mother Project
Customer Success Team