Can I buy the programs by themselves? Do I really need the supplements?


"Hey FMP Team, can I buy the programs by themself? I see that the sale is a bundle of programs + supplements. For this sale, why am I getting a program + supplement bundle together as opposed to just getting a program by itself?"


After helping 10,000+ women around the world with our Fit Mother systems, we’ve realized that the #1 best way to get you results is to give you BOTH the INFORMATION (in the form of programs) AND the TOOLS (in the form of supplements) so you have a complete action plan. 

With the combination of the proven programs and supplements you will see faster results from the meal plan and workouts you’ll be following. You will also be helping your body get healthier and stronger from the inside and outside.

For your Black Friday deal, you’re getting a BUNDLE of Programs + Supplements together.

Very importantly: you’re getting the absolute lowest price we will ever offer these programs and supplements at. In fact, you're getting your Black Friday Program + Supplement bundle at a lower price than you can buy our regular programs by themselves.

Our supplements are available year round for individual purchase on our store, but they are not at these crazy low Black Friday prices. 

Yours in Health & Sisterhood,

- The Fit Mother Project 

Customer Success Team