Am I supposed to take Balance RX in the morning or at night?

"Hey FMP Team, am I supposed to take Balance RX in the morning or night? I see that the label on the bottle says take 4 caps in the morning... and I've seen in Dr. A's video recommendations that he recently says to take it at night. What should I do?"

Short Answer:
You can do either in the morning or at night. There are benefits to both. We recommend you try both to see which works best for YOUR body. Taking Balance RX in the morning will give you a better mood and overall sense of wellbeing throughout the day. Taking Balance RX at night can help improve your sleep. Try a serving in the morning one day; the next day, try a serving at night and see which you prefer. 

Longer Answer:
When we initially created Balance RX, we recommend women take it in the morning because (in addition to balancing your body's natural hormone production), Balance RX also decreases stress and gives you a calmer mood which will benefit you during the day.

As we continued digging into the research, we uncovered that many of the key ingredients inside Balance RX (Organic Maca, Vitex, and St. John's wort) are also very effective for improving sleep in addition to balancing mood, hot flashes, stress, and more. 

Because sleep is your body's natural restorative cycle, we want to do everything possible to promote your body's best sleep. 

That's why we now recommend EITHER morning OR night dosing schedules. Both are fantastic options, and because the safe & research-backed ingredients in Balance RX are long-acting, you will continue to get benefits throughout the day no matter when you choose to take it.

We recommend try both morning and evening dosing schedules to see which one you prefer.

Also note: Balance RX is the type of supplement that gets better over time as the powerful vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals balance and strengthen your body. Take Balance Rx for at least 8-weeks (the research-backed timeframe) and you will achieve a noticeable difference in your energy, stress, mood, sleep, weight loss, libido, and overall wellbeing.

We hope this guide helps clear up any confusion!

We always keep up to date on the latest & greatest information, and sometimes that means we update our recommendations for you. Integrity and excellence are two of our team's core values. We will always provide both to you.

It's our honor to be of service to you.

- The Fit Mother Project  
Customer Success Team