Is taking SuperFuel safe during pregnancy? I see the "Prop" 65 label so I want to make sure.

Yes! SuperFuel is totally safe to take during pregnancy.
We test our SuperFuel for heavy metals (arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium and others)... and it’s incredibly clean... hundreds of times lower than the allowable limit.
You can see the actual heavy metal testing results (called a Certificate of Analysis) on this page:

We put those "Prop 65" warnings on our bottles because the Sate of California is a bit crazy and they legally require that a Prop 65 warning be placed on ALL dietary supplements sold in their state... even if the supplements are clean and hundreds of times lower than the allowable heavy metal limits.

With all of our programs & supplements, your health & safety is always our #1 priority.

We love that you asked this question and are taking a serious look at what you're putting in your body during pregnancy. We also recommend this book on the topic.

Your coaches & cheerleaders,
- The Fit Mother Project

P.S. If you want to go down the "rabbit hole" of all the legal craziness around Prop 65, you can click this link here to read more.