Meal Plan Cheat Sheet

As you have probably seen, the nutritional information we provide is quite lengthy! But we have broken down a simpler way to execute the plan, depending on your preference. Please see below for the 3 main ways to follow our nutritional plan.

  1. A member can simply follow the recipes and eat their meals as such.
  2. They can follow the Perfect Plate method (50% plate veggies, 25% lean protein, 25% complex carb) from the Go-To items below. Examples can be found from these Meal Prep and Perfect Plate videos. Regarding portion sizes, the amount varies per individual but roughly speaking the protein should be the size of your fist with 1/2c carbs.
    1. The protein should be roughly 4-6oz per serving or 30-40grams total. 
  3. They can calculate their Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) and eat at a 30% protein, 35% carbs, 35% fat intake based on their TDEE deficit number. (Just be sure to save/download a copy of the spreadsheet to edit it) Note: The caloric deficit number is conservative as it's "only" a 20% deficit so you can consider eating at a larger deficit if you have more weight to lose.

The first two are much more simplistic but are easier to follow. They generally work because it's usually a big deviation from how they were eating before finding us. The third option is most specific but requires the most work to count calories/macros. So whatever method has you making healthy/consistent choices, and has you finding great results, works for us!