HIIT Without Equipment


Can I do HIIT without equipment?

Short Answer:

You can absolutely still get a fantastic HIIT workout, even without equipment. You can get a great cardiovascular workout outdoors using our HIIT protocol laid out below. OR consider using some body-weight through plyometrics or other simple movements to rev up that metabolism and burn a ton of calories. 

Longer Answer: 

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is perhaps one of the best cardiovascular activities you can do to help burn fat. HIIT is a form of anaerobic exercise that can use fat as fuel while also continuing your caloric burn hours after you complete the exercise. However, the key to performing HIIT is to ensure you are doing it as a HIGH LEVEL; the workouts are brief yet should be quite intense. Just as we explain in this HIIT tutorial, we recommend doing "bursts" of 15-60 seconds, followed by "rests" of 45-90 seconds, (depending on your activity) for a total of 7-10 circuits.

For those working out at home without gym equipment, the most primal form of exercise you can do are sprints. These are to be all-out sprints, not just fast runs (though please make sure your muscles are primed for it!). However, for those who cannot run, consider doing body-weight plyometric movements for your HIIT routines. These are movements that are more explosive by nature, such as burpees, mountain climbers, squat thrusts, jump squats, or lunge jumps. Doing this style can be incredibly effective as you are pairing lower-body exercises with cardiovascular HIIT, leading to an abundance of calories burned.

Check out a sample, our 15min HIIT routine that only requires your body-weight and a little floor space.

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