Modified Belladonna (Knee-Friendly)

Modified Belladonna (For Knee Pain)

If you have knee pain trouble, here is a Modified Belladonna Workout that's easier on the knees for you to do during FM30X Phase #2.

Modified Belladonna: 1-10-1 Pyramid Format. 

  • Exercise #1: KB/DB Glute Bridge
  • Exercise #2: KB/DB Swings
  • Exercise #3: KB/DB Push Press
  • Exercise #4: KB/DB Bent-Over Rows
  • Exercise #5: KB/DB Romanian Deadlift
  • Exercise #6: Push-ups
  • Bonus: Plank Crawl-Out x3

The Total Body Burn workout during FM30X Phase #2 should be fine as is, with the exception of the 2 squat and Lunge movements. Instead, simply swap in the same Glute Bridge and Romanian deadlift as you would with the Belladonna, using heavier weight since it is a singular exercise without a second movement attached. Complete 4 sets of 5 reps, each instead.

As always, if you experience ANY pain during these motions please stop exercising. Don't push through pain that feels like it's from a joint/injury. Muscle burning is fine, but we need to make sure you're not causing damage.

As always, please consult with your doctor to get medical advice on your specific situation. This substitution workout is simply a suggestion for informational purposes only - not a direct recommendation for you.

-The Fit Mother Project Team