Why am I gaining weight/plateauing on FM30X?


Why am I gaining weight/plateauing on FM30X?

Short Answer:

There are many ebbs and flows to this journey and sometimes our bodies become stagnant (or can even GAIN in the early stages) on the program but this is perfectly natural and only temporary.

Longer Answer:

Although there are members who show great progress with weight loss when starting FM30X, we have plenty of other members who actually put on weight/plateau too, so you are certainly not alone. This can be for several reasons but please understand that if you stay dedicated, make healthy choices, and are consistent with your routines, progress will most certainly come.

Often times when starting a new lifestyle change that comes with FM30X, our bodies go into a retentive state. Whether it's bowels, water, or just plain weight, it's a temporary state that will quickly disappear as your body gets adjusted to the changes. When training with a new resistance stimulus, you cause micro-tears in your muscles (don't worry, they grow back bigger/stronger) but to repair the tears, your body retains fluids around the muscles to help them heal. As your muscles become more efficient, there will be less retention and the pounds (as well as new pounds!) will disappear. Plus, as long as you are seeing NSVs (Non-Scale Victories) such as more energy, sleeping better, looser clothes...you know you're on the right path.

There will be lots of ebbs and flows throughout this journey but as long as you are trending down over time, you will see great results. If you think about it, you are putting your body through a MAJOR transformation so there is an initial shock value that will eventually subside...so hang in there and the results will come!

Yours in Health & Friendship,

- The Fit Mother Project

Customer Success Team