Why is fruit not included more in our plans?


Why is fruit not included more in our plans?

Short Answer:

Fruit is still an overall healthy snack! Though it does have the potential to spike your blood sugar, making it more difficult to burn fat. Fruit happens to contain more sugar than other forms of produce (veggies) we prefer. Emphasizing more protein, healthy fats, and fiber can help you reach your goals more.  However, if the right kinds are chosen, they can absolutely be weaved into your weekly meals. 

Longer Answer:

The question about whether fruit is permitted on our plans is perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions we get. Fruit is inherently healthy, right? It can contain vitamins, fiber, anti-oxidants, and phytochemicals, so why is it not included? Unfortunately, fruit comes with higher sugar content - relative to other vitamin-packed plant foods, and even though it comes from natural sources (fructose), eating too much sugar can sabotage our success. 

This is not to say "fruit is bad" or we are against fruit!!! We love fruit! We are just bigger fans of vegetables as there is nothing in veggies that you can't find in fruit, all without the sugar.

However, this is all relative. If you're choosing between fruit and potato chips, obviously fruit is the better choice! And if a piece of fruit here and there will keep you sane and on the plan, by all means, have some fruit! But you will find more success (in terms of weight/fat loss) if you make your veggie intake a higher priority.

When you do consume fruit, we recommend some that are higher in fiber and/or has less of a blood glucose spike such as organic apples, organic berries, kiwi, or grapefruit. Also, if losing weight/body-fat is a primary goal, consider keeping your intake to the PM hours as minimizing carbohydrate intake in the morning can help boost your chances of success. 

Yours in Health & Friendship,

- The Fit Mother Project

Customer Success Team