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Hi friend! Welcome to our Trusted Supplements Help Guide.

In many of our free Youtube Videos/Articles and paid Programs (like Fit Mother 30X), we recommend certain supplements to improve your results. In this short-

This list contains some brands that our Fit Mother Project team trusts and likes. Just because a particular product/brand is not included on this list does not mean it's a bad product; it very well could be fantastic. We simply want to keep things simple for you and give you some links to reputable manufacturers we trust on Amazon.com. For dosage guidelines, we cover those in detail in our paid programs and free videos. Please also follow the instructions on the bottle.

And above all, please check with your doctor to ensure these supplements are safe for you to use. Some supplements interact with common medications and, as a result, can cause unwanted side-effects or alter the way your medication functions. This document is for informational purposes only. This is not medical advice, and we are not suggesting that you specifically take any of these supplements. Enjoy! 

- The Fit Mother Project Training Staff

Fit Mother Project Supplement line

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Standalone Products

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Protein Powder Brands/Products:

Probiotic Brands/Products:

Creatine Brands/Products:

Multi-vitamin Brands/Products:

Tea Brands/Products:

Turmeric Curcumin Brands/Products:

Greens Superfood:

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