The videos won't play in my browser. What do I do?

Message from the Fit Mother Project Customer Success & Support Team:

If you're running into an issue where the videos inside your Fit Mother Project Member's Area won't display/play, here are some possible causes and fixes:

Step #1:Try logging into the membership site in a different browser.

  • Sometimes certain browsers have extensions/add-ons that block videos from playing - this is especially common if your current browser version is not up to date (the latest update). 
  • Browsers that we know work well: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox. These browsers are very fast and highly secure. If privacy and not having your data tracked are important to you, then Mozilla Firefox is a browser you'll definitely want to look into. See here =>
  • Action items:
    • Ensure your browser versions are up-to-date
    • Try logging in with all different kinds of browsers (Chrome, Firefox, & Safari).

Step #2:Try logging into the membership site in a PRIVATE/INCOGNITO window in your browser.

  • Sometimes certain pop-up blockers and/or cookies can block videos from playing properly. 
  • Action items:
    • Open up the membership site in an Incognito/Private window and log in. If the videos start to work, the issue was likely with some kind of cookie, plugin, or extension with your browser.

Step #3: If the issues still persist, contact our support team for some direct links to the key videos.

We're sorry that you're running into some issues with the videos playing. The site plays videos properly almost all our program members, but with technology... issues do always happen. 

Please email us after trying the steps above, and if we can't get it fixed we can send you some direct links to the key videos.

Don't worry! We have plenty of "Duct Tape and Super Glue" to jimmy-rig a fix for you so you can get the results you deserve - while bypassing the technology headache :-)

-The FMP Customer Success Team