What type of Bread can I eat on plan?


What type of Bread can I eat on plan? Do I have to use Ezekiel?

Short Answer:

Food For Life's Ezekiel Bread is our #1 recommendation to eat on plan as the ingredients are organic and sprouted. If unable to locate at your local grocer, try searching the freezer section as it is often kept there. Otherwise, Silver Hills and Dave's Killer Sprouted Bread are two other more common brands you can try.

Longer Answer:

What separates Ezekiel from all other breads, even its sprouted counterparts, is that all the ingredients are organic and sprouted. You can often find other sprouted grain breads but when reading the ingredient list, you will often notice that not all the grains are sprouted. What makes sprouted grains so special you may ask? Sprouted grains are lower in anti-nutrients, which are plant compounds that can block your body from absorbing healthy nutrients. The sprouting process also produces a bread higher in protein/fiber, lower in carbs, and produces a lower blood sugar spike, allowing your body to burn fat more efficiently. 

This isn't to say all other breads are bad! We do know white bread or breads made from refined flour are harmful to your health but if you cannot find a sprouted bread, consider Einkorn, Wholemeal, Stoneground, Sourdough, Rye, or Pumpernickel for breads that provide a medium glycemic or blood sugar spike. If you are gluten-sensitive or have celiac, check out a list of gluten-free breads we recommend.

And if you are a friend across the pond, check out thisEzekiel Equivalent in the UK.

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