Are FMP Supplements FDA approved?


Are Fit Mother Project Supplements FDA approved?

Shorter Answer:

Unfortunately, the FDA does not directly review any dietary supplements before they come to market. The FDA does not regulate ANY supplements for efficacy. This applies to ALL supplements in the USA, not just FMP products.

Longer Answer:

As an ethical company that truly cares about our products and customers... we design all our supplements by hand-selecting individual ingredients that are actually research-backed. Please see below for more info.

Additionally, the raw material and packaging components used for our PlantFusion products meet FDA GMP requirements. All of our finished products are manufactured in a controlled environment, are tested extensively to meet specifications & are safe for consumption. We know that those banned substances never enter our building as raw material, and never make into finished product.

Please see below for some of the research studies that we based our ingredient selections on:

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