Can Women take Creatine?


Can women take creatine?

Short Answer:

Absolutely. Creatine provides wonderful benefits that allow you to maximize your workouts. There is much less hype around creatine and women, with a common misconception that you'll gain weight or bulk if you use it. However, it can be perfectly safe to take with the potential promise of more results over time.

Longer Answer:

First of all, let's dive into some Creatine 101. Creatine helps promote Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), or the "energy" found in our cells. With an increase in ATP, we are able to have more effective workouts by lifting a little more, pushing a little harder, and recovering at a quicker pace. In fact, our bodies actually create a little creatine and you can find some in foods such as red meat and fish. However, supplementing with creatine can help increase and maintain elevated levels within our bodies, in a perfectly safe manner.

"But won't I gain weight when using creatine?" This is a valid concern from many women and the short answer is probably not in the long run. What creatine does is draw water into your muscles for more optimal performance and sometimes this can cause some initial bloating or retention. But the energy increase that comes with creatine can easily help offset any temporary gain, while also helping you to hopefully build more lean tissue and shed more body-fat. In actuality, men tend to gain more of a temporary retention bump than women! So this may not even happen to you and if it does, your body usually stabilizes over time. For more info including proper protocol, check out this support guide for more info. 

Now all of this assumes healthy conditioning kidneys and liver. If you only have one or have impaired kidney/liver functionality (and for all people really) please consult with your doctor before determining if creatine is right for you.

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