What can I drink during a fast?


What can I drink during a fast?

Short Answer:

One of the main benefits of fasting is keeping your insulin and blood sugar levels suppressed. Our bodies have an easier time burning fat when this occurs. So in most cases, this means consuming drinks with 0 calories. However, depending on your reason for fasting, you may integrate fat sources into your beverage of choice, capitalizing on this insulin-suppressing concept.

Longer Answer:

For most people on our plan, sticking to 0 calories, whether from food or beverage is our official recommendation. So with drinks, we are basically talking water, unsweetened teas, or black coffee. If you need a little sweet, some stevia can be added to your coffee as it does not elicit an insulin response (though black is better). And part of the reason why we fast is to help gain control over food and removing the sweet preference to your palate is a strong move. 

Now with that being said, we need to have an understanding of how the macros (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) affect our insulin production. Carbs produce a spike WAY MORE than your proteins/fats so they are a complete no-go during fasting. Protein produces a spike, though WAY LESS than carbs...but is still a no-go during fasting. Fats on the other hand, do not produce a spike so you will occasionally hear people during fasts drinking "Bulletproof" Coffee or coffee with a fat source such as MCT Oil. This is similar to those who drink bone broth during a fast for its strong mineral and anti-inflammatory benefits.

So if doing a longer fast, or doing shorter daily fasts where you are simply looking to keep insulin and blood sugar levels lower, drinking beverages with a fat source is permissible. However, for our purposes, part of the reason we recommend fasting is giving your digestive tract a complete rest, which involves absolutely no calories. Plus, without calories you can burn a higher percentage from your stored fat as well. So for most people, sticking with your water, tea, and/or coffee during your fasting period is still recommended. 

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- The Fit Mother Project
Customer Success Team