Why am I experiencing gas from the protein shake?


Whey am I experiencing so much gas from the protein shake?

Short Answer:

If you are newer to protein shakes, you may be experiencing more flatulence than normal. It usually stems from the actual protein source or ingredients that accompany the protein supplement, and not the actual amount of total protein.

Longer Answer:

It is a common myth that eating too much protein causes increased flatulence but in actuality, it's the protein source or artificial sweeteners/sugar alcohols that accompany the powder. Whey protein is the most common version of protein powder but sometimes people have dairy sensitivities and do not tolerate whey well. Or more mildly, they cannot have whey concentrate but can tolerate whey isolate

However if unable to consume all whey, a vegan blend protein like our FFP Super Fuel can help solve this issue. Or if not the actual protein source, sometimes the artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols involved can cause gastrointestinal distress. Luckily, our FMP Super Fuel proteins do not use them, while also including probiotics, which can help regulate how food passes in your gut.

Otherwise, if not the protein, we sometimes see members getting an upset stomach from the MCT/Coconut Oil as well. You can also try subbing these out for something like 1/4 an avocado instead for another source of healthy fat (and fiber!).

And lastly, if willing to battle through it, taking peppermint or ginger before or with your protein can relax your stomach as well. 

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