I'm following the plan but am struggling to lose weight. Help?


I am mostly following the plan but am struggling to lose weight. What am I doing wrong?

Short Answer:

There are lots of ebbs and flows to a weight loss journey so sometimes the losses can slow or even come to a halt. But I bet we can take a deeper look under the hood and find an area that can help get you losing again. 

Longer Answer:

Please copy and paste the following questions with your answers in response to our email. Or if you are viewing this outside of an email, please send in your responses to support@fitmotherproject.com

  •        Where are you in the program? And how consistent have you been following the meals and workouts?
  •        What does a typical week of exercise look like for you?
  •        What does a typical day of eating look like for you?
  •        How much water are you drinking per day?
  •        How much quality sleep are you getting each night?
  •        Are you experiencing other NSVs? (More sleep, better energy, clothes looser, etc.)
  •        Please let us know anything else that may be relevant to your journey.

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- The Fit Mother Project 
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