I've hit my target weight but still have belly fat. Help!


I have hit my target weight but still have belly fat. What can I do to remove belly fat?

Short Answer:

First of all, congrats on hitting your target weight! It is very common for our bodies to hang onto that belly fat though so please read on for some ideas to help shed the remaining inches.

Longer Answer:

As you have probably noticed by now, losing pounds and inches can be quite maddening! And for many members, you will get down to a goal weight but still have belly fat remaining. But unfortunately, a reduction of body fat, can sometimes mean a further reduction of weight as you are losing a portion of your body mass after all. However, once you get to an acceptable circumference, we can have you work on increasing your skeletal muscle mass to boost your weight again, the right way. But we have to get you there first...

  • If you aren't already, try fasted workouts. Consider completing your workout in the morning with only water, unsweetened tea, and/or black coffee in your system. Without any food glucose to pull from, you can theoretically work from your stored fat reserves to help fuel your workouts.
  • Try adding mini-HIIT sessions after your resistance sessions. This has a similar aforementioned effect, as you will work through any glucose from your resistance session, only leaving stored body-fat for your HIIT workout.
  • Consider implementing fasting and/or carb-cycling days into your week. Both 24-hour and daily 16/8 intermittent fasting variations can help shed body-fat and boost growth hormone levels, allowing for more muscle development. Otherwise, carb-cycling is another tool as you can still enjoy normal food consumption, with the exception of swapping out more starchy carbs for more leafy/fibrous versions instead. This, once again, helps keep your blood glucose levels lower, allowing your body to burn fat easier.
  • Think of trying a metabolism booster like our BurnRX product with all natural ingredients that are research-proven and hand-picked by Dr. A.
  • And for more information and ideas, please check out this helpful video from our YouTube channel.

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