Can I have the Breakfast Shake for Lunch/Dinner?


Can I have the Breakfast Shake for Lunch/Dinner?

Short Answer:

Yes, you can have the Breakfast Shake for any meal though just know, the shake is lower-carb by design compared to other lunches and dinners.

Longer Answer: 

First, let's break down the purpose of the Breakfast Shake vs the other meals.

The Breakfast Shake is a lower-carb meal by design. If we can emphasize protein, fiber, and healthy fats during breakfast, we can help accelerate the fat-burning process. When we consume carbs, our insulin/blood sugar levels spike (more so than when we eat protein and fats). So if we can keep our levels lower during the morning hours when our fat-burning hormones are highest, we can capitalize on this time to lose weight!

So you CAN have multiple shakes a day but we wouldn't recommend this as a daily habit. We need to eat a well-rounded diet with real foods (and as good as the shake is, the primary ingredient is a powdered supplement). So if short on time or you just like the taste, you can certainly have two per day here and there. Regarding having it for a lunch or dinner meal instead of breakfast, once again you certainly can as well, though remember it is designed to be lower in carbs on purpose. So it's not a lateral equivalent to the other lunch/dinner meals and you might find yourself hungrier than normal if switching. If this is the case, simply add a complex carb side to your meal, to help prevent snacking/grazing between meals.

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