Wrist/Elbow Pain with Apex10


How can I modify the Apex10 if I have wrist/elbow pain?

Short Answer:

With some slight variations to the movements, we can help support wrist/elbow pain to still get you a fantastic workout.

Longer Answer:

Oftentimes some of our newer members experience wrist pain, specifically when performing the push-up and row portion of Apex10. Before discussing a modification, we should dig into the purpose of those movements, especially how they relate to the routine.

As a whole, Apex10 is a metabolic circuit that works the entire body for a full, fat-blasting routine. The push-ups primarily work your chest muscles, and secondarily works your triceps (outside of your arm) and shoulder muscles. The renegade row primarily works your back muscles, and secondarily works your biceps (inside of your arm) and shoulder muscles. However, a common thread between the two is that they both work your core, as both movements require a rigid back, and tight tummy. If you are experiencing wrist pain doing these movements, we don't want to completely exchange the movements as we still want to capitalize on the core engagement.

Therefore, if you are experiencing pain doing the push-ups, you can modify the movement by performing them from your knees first to alleviate pressure. If too bothersome, placing your hands on an elevated surface, such as a bench, to alleviate even more can help. You will still want to keep your ab muscles tight, now allowing your hips to sag as your body should be straight as a board. If this is still too challenging, you can perform them against a wall; the further your feet are from the wall, the more challenging they become. Or you can consider doing them directly on your dumbbells/kettlebells (if secure enough) or push-up handles/lifters as a straight wrist will be less bothered than a flexed or bent one.

If you are experiencing pain doing the rows, you can modify the movement by dropping your knees to the ground, to alleviate some pressure. Similar to the push-ups, you will want to keep your core engaged, body straight, not allowing your hips to sag.

If still too painful with these modifications, you can swap out the Push-ups for a Chest Press and the Renegade Rows for Bent-over Rows. You may lose some core activation so incorporating other core work is recommended. 

The routine might not run as smoothly but that is OK as building strength is key to improving with this routine. Just be sure to periodically try the "regular" versions of the movements and you just might surprise yourself how far you've come!

Keep getting after it!

Yours in Health & Friendship,

- The Fit Mother Project 
Customer Success Team

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