Can we have pre-made Protein Shakes?


I don't have much time in the morning/I don't want to wake my family with a blender in the morning. Can I have pre-made protein shakes?

Short Answer:

While it would be extremely convenient to consume pre-made protein shakes, they are usually filled with too much sugar, artificial sugar, and/or lack the overall nutrition we are looking for on plan.

Longer Answer:

The purpose of the Breakfast Shake (or any meal in the morning) is to provide a high-quality meal that emphasizes protein, fiber, and healthy fat. This is because our fat-burning hormones are highest of the day during the morning hours so if we can pair this time with a lower-carbohydrate intake, to help keep our insulin/blood sugar levels from spiking, we have the ability to maximize fat-burn. Carbohydrates spike our levels more than proteins/fats. And unfortunately, many pre-made proteins on the market, such as Premier Protein Shakes, do have great protein amounts, but have either minimal healthy fat and/or minimal fiber. Plus, they are filled with various filler junk and multiple artificial sweeteners

The FMP Breakfast Shake is the perfect meal to provide protein, fiber, and healthy fats, all while keeping you satiated until your next meal. If concerned with the blender being too loud or you're short on time, consider making the shake the night before and throw it in a thermos. That way in the morning you can simply grab 'n go, give it a quick shake before consuming, and you're off to a great day! And for a quality protein powder to use in your shake, check out our very own Super Fuel. Super Fuel is a lab-tested, high-quality protein, with vitamins, probiotics, super greens, and zero artificial sweeteners. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

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- The Fit Mother Project
Customer Success Team