How is FMP SuperFuel different from FFP SuperFuel?

Question: How is FMP SuperFuel different from FFP SuperFuel? 
FMP SuperFuel has less protein, simply for the lower calorie need for MOST women at each mealtime. (If you feel you need more protein in your shake meal, you can add an extra ½ scoop to your shake) 
As most of our shake recipes call for around 30g protein per shake, and the other ingredients often make up the additional 15g protein requirement, we felt that 15g of protein was optimal.
The lower protein and different formulation also helped us create a lighter taste, and we added extra Biotin and Pantothenic Acid (B5) to aid with healthier hair, skin, and nails.

Additionally, FFP Chocolate SuperFuel now includes an updated formulation (new improved taste and the additions of Creatine, Tart Cherry Extract, and Betaine). FFP Vanilla/Vegan remain unchanged. 

All SuperFuels still contain 40 different vitamins, minerals, organic superfoods, and probiotics, to make a good all-round shake recipe for our Fit Family.

-The Fit Mother Project
Customer Success Team